Term 7.1.1: Set Forth in Legislation


The U.N. Special Rapporteur on Freedom of Religion or Belief in his 1999 report suggested writing a Compendium of National Legislation and Regulations of Sates in Matters Relating to Freedom of Religion or Belief. Such a compendium would serve the following purposes:

  • Provide accurate information on the legal position of States and its evolution in matters relating to religion or belief;
  • Prepare a comparative study of national legislation and its conformity with international law to serve as an influencing factor in communication between States;
  • Examine allegations received in the field of tolerance and non-discrimination based on religion or belief;
  • Prepare for visits to countries and their follow-up;
  • Contribute to research and studies on religion or belief.

This is an excellent recommendation. But as of 2001 on 49 of the 189 U.N. Member States has responded to the request of the Special Rapporteur. 4 The financial and human resources have yet to be allocated by the U.N. to a National Compendium that can be updated regularly by database.


Term 7.1.1: Set Forth in Legislation

Check with the U.N. and your national authorities on human rights to see if your country has compiled national legislation in matters relating to freedom of religion or belief. Summarize your research below.

4. A. Amor, Report to the 56 th session of the General Assembly, A/56/253.