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Community Programs are reserved for institutions, organizations and groups of persons taking the Distance Learning Course for Community Reports. Each Community Program receives a user name and a password for their work space on the Distance Learning Course. This preserves the confidentiality of their work until such time as they post it on the Tandem Project website.

Community Programs may exchange information with each other on specific aspects of the study topics by e-mail. These communications are kept confidential or posted on the Tandem Project website only if agreed upon by both communities. The final written Community Reports on Human Rights and Freedom of Religion or Belief will be posted on the website and sent by e-mail to the United Nations Office of High Commissioner for Human Rights, and United Nations Special Rapporteur on Freedom of Religion or Belief.

Click on a Community title below for the user name and password of a community enrolled in the Tandem Project Distance Learning Course for Community Report. These are pilot test communities enrolled in the Tandem Project Distance Learning Course.

St. Louis Park, Minnesota: Available by Password.

The City of St. Louis Park is an established community bordering the west side of the City of Minneapolis, a major metropolitan area in the State of Minnesota, USA. In 115 years it has grown from a village of 45 families to a community of 44,126 residents. It has four public elementary schools, a public junior high school, a public secondary senior high school and nine private and religious schools. There are 26 places of worship including Lutherans, Catholics, Methodists, Presbyterians and Jewish synagogues. St. Louis Park operates under a Council/Manager form of government with an elected Mayor and six council persons.

They have an outstanding website that can be used to establish a Community Profile and a Community Resources Database for study topic assignments to write a St. Louis Park Community Report on Human Rights and Freedom of Religion or Belief. Click on the title above to get to the password. Click on this website to get an introduction to the Community: http://www.stlouispark.org.

Powderhorn Community, Minneapolis, Minnesota: Available by Password.

The Powderhorn Community of South Minneapolis has a population of 57,000. It is made up of eight inner-city neighborhoods with a diverse population of White, Black/African, Hispanic/Latino, American/Indian, Asian and Pacific Islanders. The geography of the neighborhoods includes busy commercial corridors, as well as quiet, predominantly residential areas with places of worship and schools. Click on the title above to get to the password for entry into this Community Program. Click on this website for information on Powderhorn and its neighborhoods with maps, schools, government and places of worship: http://www.ci.minneapolis.mn.us.