Part I: The Introductory Course introduces concepts and the methods of study. It includes adoption of rules for respectful dialogue and five study topics with worksheets notes and supporting documents for students. The course is held once a week for five weeks in the evenings, with outside assignments between classroom sessions.


First Week: Introduction to Human Rights, Discussion: Overview of Human Rights, Lesson: Rules for Respectful Dialogue, Discussion: Adopt Classroom Rules

Second Week: Concept: Freedom of Religion or Belief, Discussion: Principles and Concepts, Assignment: Community Questionnaire

Third Week: Model: 1981 U.N. Declaration, Method: Monitoring the Articles, Discussion: Model and Method, Assignment: Human Rights Paradigm

Fourth Week: Databases: Resources & Information, Discussion: Simulation Databases, Assignment: Community Resource File

Fifth Week: Report: Why a Community Report, Discussion: How to Write a Report, Lesson: Constitutional Principles on Religion or Belief.