How to Monitor Human Rights and Freedom of Religion or Belief: Equal Protection bySeparation of Belief and State, is a Community Manual available on The Tandem Project website over the Internet and on CD-ROM.

The Manual includes the following, Foreword; Part I: Introductory Course; Part II: The 1981 U.N. Declaration; Part III: The Community Report; Part IV: Reference Documents. Three other sections on the Tandem Project website include Community Pilot Programs; Lifting the Spirit: a school curriculum topic book written with the University of Minnesota Human Rights Center; and Tandem Links; websites of other organizations that have their own programs related to human rights and freedom of religion or belief.

HTML: The Manual is in the cascading HTML software language. This makes it easy to work by clicking back and forth in the Table of Contents. The Manual is not an inter-active distance learning course but can be used as such. All answers to questions in the Manual must be submitted by E-mail, Power Point or Word Document files.

Q&A: The Manual has Study Topics and Topic Notes for recording answers to each study topic.. Underlining _____________ and Blank Boxes [ ] are for answers by interactive database or hard copy. For the present HTML Internet version, identify the question, write the answer on your computer, and submit by word file document.

PARTS: The Manual has five inter-related parts. Each part has its own introduction and instructions.

  • Introductory Course: Paradigm Concept and Methods

  • Resources Database: Research and Interview Contact List
  • Information Database: Community Profiles, Study Topic Q&A
  • 1981 U.N. Declaration: Eight Articles, Twelve Study Topics
  • Report Guideline: Format for a Community Report

PILOTS: The Tandem Project in 2004-05 has two Community Pilot Programs testing the effectiveness the Community Manual as a guide for writing Community Reports